Free bus transfer


Free bus transfer from Kampenhof Bus station to Glimminge Motorstadion.
Saturday between 8-19 and Sunday between 8.30-18.30.



Saturday 19 August

EMX 125 Group 1 Start practice/Free/Time practice 40 min (5/15/20) 8:30
EMX 125 Group 2 Start practice/Free/Time practice 40 min (5/15/20) 9:15
EMX 150 Start practice/Free/Time practice 40 min (5/15/20) 10:00
Paus 45 min 10:45
MX2 Free practice 25 min 11:30
MXGP Start practice/Time practice 25 min 12:00
Paus 60 min 12:30
EMX 125 Last chance Race 20 min + 2 laps 13:40
MX2 Start practice/Time practice 25 min (5/20) 14:15
MXGP Start practice/Time practice 25 min (5/20) 14:45
EMX 150 Race 1 20 min + 2 laps 15:25
Paus 20 min 15:55
MX2 Qualifying race 20 min + 2 laps 16:25
MXGP Start practice/Time practice 20 min + 2 laps 17:10
EMX 125 Race 1 25 min + 2 laps 17:55

Sunday 20 august

EMX 150 Race 2 20 min + 2 laps 9:45
MX2 Warm-up 15 min 10:25
MXGP 15 min 10:45
EMX 125 Race 2 25 min + 2 laps 11:30
Paus 60 min 12:00
Opening Speech 12:25
Åke Andersson talks about Håkan ”Carla” Carlqvist, and a quite minute 12:30
National Anthem 12:40
Flight Show JAS 39 Gripen 12:45
MX2 Race 1 30 min + 2 laps 13:15
MXGP 30 min + 2 laps 14:15
Paus 70 min 14:50
MX2 Race 2 30 min + 2 laps 16:10
MXGP 30 min + 2 laps 17:10

Schedule may change.

Seat tickets


Now it´s possible to buy seat tickets for Uddevalla GP 19-20th of August. The seats are located in front of the start curve and the big screen. The ticket is valid Saturday through Sunday and costs 250 SEK / per ticket.
Limited number of tickets, entrance tickets must be purchased.
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View Uddevalla GP from above


During Uddevalla GP, Osterman Helicopter runs tours from Glimminge Motor Stadium.
From 10 am on Saturday and Sunday. Price Adult: 450 sek.  Children up to 12 years: 300 sek.

Presenting the World Cup 5 team


The national team have had their training for World Championship at Glimminge Motor Stadium. We are proud that the team manager Jonte Engdahl choose to present the World Cup 5 team during their visit; Filip Bengtsson, Alvin Östlund, Anton Gole, Ken Bengtsson and Fredrik Norén. (Norén at this date present in United States).

Junior 125 team

Junior national team

During the national team training at Glimminge Motor Stadium, the coach Calle Aspegren presented Sweden’s  Junior World Cup 125 team; Rasmus Håkansson, Tim Edberg, Viking Lindström and Filip Olsson.

In memory of Håkan Carla Carlqvist


In memory of Håkan Carla Carlqvist
Together with Uddevallas own multi world champion Håkan Andersson, Uddevalla GP and BMK Uddevalla wish to honor motocross legend Håkan Carla Carlqvist.

Håkan Andersson drove and traveled with Carla for several years, and during the World Cup circus as Andersson calls it, they became good friends and got to know each other well. Andersson was already established driver when Carla was young and competed in the World Cup, they traveled a lot together in Europe.

Andersson remembers Carla as a friendly and sympathetic person, though he was tough on himself, which Andersson believes lead him to his success.

Carla had great humor and appreciated a good laugh, which he showed in Namur, Belgium. Carla had decided beforehand that if he led enough, he would stop and have a beer, as he also did. Watch the movie >>

Motocross is big in Europe, Andersson himself had Belgium as a base during 10 years. A few years ago, he returned to visit his good World Cup friend Joel Robert. It turned out that the address was wrong and Håkan ended up in the middle of the center where a working police caught sight of him. The police immediately left his place and insisted on giving Andersson police transport to the correct address – after he had invited Håkan for a beer.

The Swedish rider was a two-time World Champion, first in 1979 on a Husqvarna 250, then in 1983 while riding the 500 Class for Yamaha. In 1983, Carla was awarden with the medal of Svenska Dagbladet.

“We had such a great time together. Last time we met we were invited as honor guests to the celebration of the World Cup 50th anniversary in Namur.” says Andersson.

Our condolence to Carla’s family and close friends.

Photo from MxInAction