Uddevalla GP tillbaka på VM arenan!


Välkommen till Uddevalla augusti 2019.

Välkommen till Uddevalla augusti 2019!

Bild: Magnus Thelin, Anders ”Lillis” Svensson, Gunnar Johansson och Micke Andersson

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Press release VM 2018



BMK Uddevalla has today decided to withdraw from the 2018 World Cup calendar

No World Cup Motocross in Uddevalla.
Since the World Championships in August, negotiations have been ongoing with Youthstream and Uddevalla kommun. With Youthstream, we had an completed agreed plan for the next three years. The cooperation with Youthstream over the years has, as usual, worked very well.

However, we have been informed by Uddevalla kommun that the previously received financial support will be reduced, between 50-60% depending on which of the last two races that takes into account.
This has forced us to make the decision to not sign a new contract that could jeopardize the club’s activities.

BMK Uddevalla believes that Uddevallas biggest event and Scandinavia’s only World Cup motocross arrangement is important not only for us but also many others, including the tourist industry who gets a big supplement and also puts Uddevalla on the map.

BMK Uddevalla